Map of Proposed Homeless Shelters and Two Existing Shelters

The circles are drawn with a 1/2 mile radius around the sites.
Beans Cafe, 1101 E 3rd Ave
Sullivan Arena, 1600 Gambell St
Best Western Golden Lion Hotel, 1000 E 36th Ave
Former Alaska Club, 630 E Tudor Rd
Americas Best Value Inn & Suites, 4360 Spenard Rd
The yellow circles are Beans Cafe and the Sullivan Arena (currently used as a shelter).
The grey circles are three of the properties Mayor Berkowitz has stated he wants to purchase with Covid-19 relief funds to turn into homeless shelters. Ordinance AO 2020-58 paves the way because it will ‘allow homeless and transient shelters in the B3 Zoning District by conditional use; waiving Planning and Zoning Commission Review…’