4:30 PM Tuesday 08/11/2020 Assembly Meeting and Protest

Neighbors, the Assembly meets from 5:00 PM – 11:00 PM (possibly midnight) Tuesday, August 11, 2020 at Loussac Library. The public is excluded from attending due to Emergency Order 15.

Let not EO-15 deter you from standing witness and raising a vociferous protest against the direction this Assembly has taken with our tax dollars, neighborhoods, and liberty.

Gather at 4:30 PM at Loussac Library. Insist that our craven Assembly meet our gaze as they enter Loussac, encourage them with word and signs to follow the will of their constituents and vote NO on AO 2020-66.

Prior to 2:00 PM Tuesday 08/11/2020 e-mail the assembly using testimony@muni.org to voice your thoughts on AO 2020-66 (it will not be part of the public testimony), AR 2020-292 (revoking emergency ordinances), AR 2020-296 (allowing in person testimony again), AO 2020-79 (new Office of Equity and Justice at $180,000 a year), and AO 2020-65 (prohibiting counseling of youth seeking guidance with unwanted homosexual thoughts). Some of the ordinances are carried over from the Tuesday 07/28/2020 Assembly Meeting.

We are mightiest when we stand united. Join us. Lift up your voice. Be a witness.