07/28/2020 Update and an important article

About 50 – 70 people greeted the Assembly as they arrived on Monday 07/27/2020. We stood witness. After five hours of discussion and more expert testimony (no peons allowed inside but experts are immune to the Covid), the final vote on 2020-66 was postponed until August 11, 2020. This is an opportunity to continue ensuring our neighbors across Anchorage know what this ordinance is and means to our financial future, and the probability of success in reducing alcoholism and drug addiction related homelessness.

There is an extremely important article by Suzanne Downing you need to read. Mayor Berkowitz has already signed a contract with the Golden Lion hotel to purchase it for $9,000,000, in advance of the passage of AO 2020-66 which ostensibly is the permission to do the purchase. What on earth is going on with this administration???