5:00 PM Monday 07/27/2020 Stand Witness

Please stand witness on Monday, 07/27/2020, beginning at 5:00 PM, to our Assembly and Administration, and Mayor Berkowitz making their decision on AO 2020-66.

We expect that the Assembly to comply with the Mayor’s will, not ours.
We expect that AO 2020-66 will be passed.
Mayor Berkowitz has ordered the chambers closed, the voters denied entry, for our own good against Covid.

Do not let them pass AO 2020-66 without our witness.

Bring your signs. Join us at 5:00 PM Monday 07/27/2020 at Loussac Library. Let us raise up our voices in protest as the Assembly arrives. Let us show our continued opposition to misuse of CARES Act to purchase these run down buildings for doomed treatment centers and unplanned shelters.

Let us remain as long as it takes, so after they pass AO 2020-66 they are forced to look us in the eyes, knowing they failed to serve us, or Anchorage.

We. Are. Mighty.