5:00 PM 07/22/2020 Final Push – Please attend


We have worked hard to bring awareness to our neighbors. We have put in hours of our lives into testifying, educating, and attending.

We are all tired and certainly frustrated.

We need to see this through to the end.
Perhaps this will be the last night of testimony.
Perhaps this is the last opportunity to make our shouts resonate through the chambers.

We need to stand witness tonight. We need the Assembly to see our determination and know that we are not going away. That we are going to watch them like hawks to be better stewards of our Anchorage, our home.

Come stand with us tonight, even if you have already testified.

Let us fill the Assembly Chambers to overflowing.
Let us fill the Wilda Marston to overflowing.
Let us be in front of the Loussac, standing witness to the Assembly and their decisions.

Let us show them definitively that We Are Watching.

And that we -insist- that they do better.

Stand with us tonight.