5:00 PM 07/22/2020 Testimony before the Assembly continues

5:00 PM 07/22/2020 Testimony before the Assembly continues
3600 Denali St, Loussac Library
We will not be silent. We will be heard. Our neighbors have a right to be heard.
We ran the clock to midnight for the fourth night of testimony. We heard from people deeply involved in the homeless industry who were opposed to facets of these ordinances. We heard from folk who work intimately with the homeless who were strongly supportive. There is room for all of these voices.
Astonishing testimony tonight.
If you have been on the fence about testifying in person or by phone, this is likely to be the final night of testimony. An unknown number of people are waiting their turn to do phone testimony, a few did not get an opportunity for in person testimony tonight.
Note that the Assembly is choosing to start testimony at 5:00 PM, very difficult for working people. Please share the word, please knock on a few doors early Wednesday.
If you wish to provide testimony on the phone, email Testimony@anchorageak.gov by 2:00 p.m. the day of the meeting with your Name, Phone Number, Agenda Item [AO 2020-58 and AO 2020-66] you wish to provide testimony and Subject Line: Phone Testimony.