6:00 PM 07/21/2020 Testimony before the Assembly continues

6:00 PM 07/21/2020 Testimony before the Assembly resumes.
3600 Denali St, Loussac Library
In person testimony is more effective and powerful than telephone testimony, without a doubt. Yet – we have directly observed that if you aren’t on the right side of the testimony, you get a single shot at your telephone call (miss the call? Too bad, no testimony for you).

So – continue talking to your neighbors. Ask people to consider testigying. People should consider signing up to testify by phone BUT show up in person. We can protect our work from being outmaneuvered and shut down early.

Also – the Coalition to End Homelessness has put out a call to their supporters to testify. This is fine – whether you support or oppose additional housing, the real issue is the process, the use of Covid funds, the lack of transparency, the rush to spend, the placement of the facilities, and so much more than just whether the homeless need aid.

Here is the information from the clerks office:If you wish to provide testimony on the phone, emailTestimony@anchorageak.gov by 2:00 p.m. the day of the meeting with your Name, Phone Number, Agenda Item [AO 2020-58 and AO 2020-66] you wish to provide testimony and Subject Line: Phone Testimony.

Please continue to knock on a few doors, ask people to read the flyer we mailed Friday / Saturday, and to think carefully about whether we want an Assembly that follows the Rule of Law and adheres to Title 21 regulations – or sneaky pete’s who redirect federal tax dollars that came from OUR pockets that were intended to help our small business owners and their employees not become homeless themselves during the lock downs.