07/21/2020 6:00 PM Assembly Meeting

Truly, there are no words. We heard incredible testimony Thursday night.
We succeeded in getting another continuance. We are back at it on Tuesday, 07/21/2020 6:00 PM.
Rest, but only for a moment. Let us reach out to our friends and neighbors, spread our concerns a bit farther. The goal is to educate our neighbors, including those we don’t know yet. For Heather Meadows, there are about 1,000 residences and businesses within 1/2 mile of the proposed Tudor location. How many more are around the other sites?
They need to know about these ordinances so they can speak up.We heard really powerful testimony tonight.
Let’s give more folks the opportunity to speak by making sure they know and have enough time to form their opinions.
Join us at Loussac Library again.Tuesday 07/21/2020
Both voices should be heard.