07/16/2020 6:00 PM Do it again

07/16/2020 12:45 AM

Hello neighbors

We drove the clock to midnight. We had some help from the ‘pro’ folks. I hope they are out in force tomorrow night. I found the input from our neighbors who favor these ideas really interesting and in some cases even compelling.

There were several very powerful speakers this evening. We heard from Nick Begich of Intervention 2020. Wow, that was some intensely good stuff. There is a program I could throw my support behind.

We have filled about eight hours or so with testimony, I think. Tomorrow night will be our most difficult as all of the testimony will be solely on these issues.

We begin at 6:00 PM. I do not know if we can run this to midnight again. Maybe if the ‘pro’ folks turn out and help us.

I do know that our efforts have exceeded our initial goals, and that we have helped our neighbors receive a heads up that our elected officials denied them.

I ask every one of you to walk your neighborhood again, call a dozen friends or family members again, directly reply to activity on NextDoor or FaceBook or whatever, again.

I haven’t testified yet. There are maybe 10 or fifteen people that did not get to testify tonight. There were many phone calls made for people who requested to testify by phone which were not answered. Those are lost opportunities. If those folks want to testify tomorrow, they must send a fresh email request.

If you wish to provide testimony on the phone, email Testimony@anchorageak.gov by 2:00 p.m. the day of the meeting with your Name, Phone Number, Agenda Item [AO 2020-58 and AO 2020-66] you wish to provide testimony and Subject Line: Phone Testimony.

I strongly strongly encourage you to testify in person, we lost so much testimony to phone calls that were not answered tonight.

It was a tough and invigorating night.

Let’s do it again tomorrow. Meet us at the Assembly Chambers early enough to begin testimony Thursday 07/16/2020 6:00 PM.

Listen to Wednesday 07/15/2020 Assembly Meeting here: