4:30 PM Tuesday 08/11/2020 Assembly Meeting and Protest

Neighbors, the Assembly meets from 5:00 PM – 11:00 PM (possibly midnight) Tuesday, August 11, 2020 at Loussac Library. The public is excluded from attending due to Emergency Order 15.

Let not EO-15 deter you from standing witness and raising a vociferous protest against the direction this Assembly has taken with our tax dollars, neighborhoods, and liberty.

Gather at 4:30 PM at Loussac Library. Insist that our craven Assembly meet our gaze as they enter Loussac, encourage them with word and signs to follow the will of their constituents and vote NO on AO 2020-66.

Prior to 2:00 PM Tuesday 08/11/2020 e-mail the assembly using testimony@muni.org to voice your thoughts on AO 2020-66 (it will not be part of the public testimony), AR 2020-292 (revoking emergency ordinances), AR 2020-296 (allowing in person testimony again), AO 2020-79 (new Office of Equity and Justice at $180,000 a year), and AO 2020-65 (prohibiting counseling of youth seeking guidance with unwanted homosexual thoughts). Some of the ordinances are carried over from the Tuesday 07/28/2020 Assembly Meeting.

We are mightiest when we stand united. Join us. Lift up your voice. Be a witness.

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1:30 PM Friday 08/07/2020 Special Assembly Meeting – CARE Act Funds for small business relief

From Assembly Member John Weddleton:

The closures of restaurants and bars puts a huge part of the burden of tamping down Covid-19 on their already weakened shoulders. We need to act quickly to help them.

August 5, 2020

Assembly Chair Felix Rivera announced today he is calling a Special Meeting of the Anchorage Assembly on Friday, August 7, 2020 at 1:30 p.m. in the Assembly Chambers at the Loussac Library for Assembly action on a resolution authorizing the use of $7 million of CARES Act funds for small business relief.

Rivera stated, “This Special Meeting is being called based on feedback from Assembly members who would like to get money to small businesses as quickly as possible. We’ve also received communications from the Anchorage Economic Development Corporation (AEDC), CHARR, and the Alaska Hospitality Retailers Association (AKHR) requesting funding be allocated to assist those in the hospitality and tourism industries. We must be timely in our response to these requests.”

The Assembly has already approved $6 million in small business and non-profit relief using CARES Act funds.

The Assembly will consider all other funding decisions regarding COVID-19 Relief Funds during the deliberation of item 14.A on the agenda for the regular Assembly Meeting on August 11.

Because the Anchorage Assembly is following the Mayor’s Emergency Order, EO-15, which limits indoor gathering to no more than 15 people, the Assembly Chambers at the Loussac Library will be closed to the public. The resolution under consideration is not a public hearing item, however, community members are encouraged to email their comments regarding to the resolution to the full Assembly at AssemblyMembers@anchorageak.gov.

People wishing to speak during Audience Participation at the end of the Special Meeting can sign up to do so by emailing Testimony@anchorageak.gov by 10 a.m. the day of the meeting. In the email, please include your name, phone number, and in the subject line: Audience Participation for Special Meeting.

Sunday 08/02/2020 Protests

AO 2020-58 – Tabled indefinately
AO 2020-66 – Vote will occur Tuesday August 11, 2020. Public testimony is closed. A recall petition was filed with the Clerk’s Office Monday 08/03/2020 for Meg Zalatel. The recall petition for Felix Rivera may not be filed until he has served 120 days, early September 2020.
There is a protest at Loussac Library formed by grass roots folks Monday night 08/03/2020.
There is a protest at Tuesday 08/04/2020 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM Tikahtnu Commons – Theatre parking lot, hosted by Sara Boyer of the FaceBook group ‘Taking Back Anchorage’.

There will be a protest Tuesday 08/11/2020 4:30 PM – Midnight at Loussac Library to greet the Assembly members when they arrive to vote on AO 2020-66 and to ensure they must meet our gaze when they leave.

07/28/2020 Update and an important article

About 50 – 70 people greeted the Assembly as they arrived on Monday 07/27/2020. We stood witness. After five hours of discussion and more expert testimony (no peons allowed inside but experts are immune to the Covid), the final vote on 2020-66 was postponed until August 11, 2020. This is an opportunity to continue ensuring our neighbors across Anchorage know what this ordinance is and means to our financial future, and the probability of success in reducing alcoholism and drug addiction related homelessness.

There is an extremely important article by Suzanne Downing you need to read. Mayor Berkowitz has already signed a contract with the Golden Lion hotel to purchase it for $9,000,000, in advance of the passage of AO 2020-66 which ostensibly is the permission to do the purchase. What on earth is going on with this administration???

Midnight 07/27/2020

07/27/2020 Midnight.
Standing witness as they leave.
07/27/2020 11:52 PM Move to postpone rest of 2020-66 August 11. Passes.
07/27/2020 11:40 PM Now I think working on an amendment that controls when the Ron Alleva property is purchased. Sorry having trouble tracking. More discussion of funding. “Let’s be open and honest” huh. Well that would be an interesting experience with this Assembly. Voting…. Fails 6-4.
07/27/2020 11:31 PM Now voting on an amendment to purchase Mr Alleves property by Brother Francis. More filthy accusations. A lot of discussion. Suddenly they’re worried about funding sources. Voting…. Passes. They added something about market value.
07/27/2020 11:30 PM Voting on whether to bring Ak Club up as day and night shelter simultaneously with transportation. Passed.
07/27/2020 11:27 PM More amendments. I apologize I’ve lost track of what they are voting on. Ah – voting to split it into individual property purchases. That passed.
07/27/2020 11:25 PM They’re revoting on something – reconsidering Golden Lion. Jamie says she accidentally hit the wrong button. Fails again.
07/27/2020 11:23 PM Weddleton amendment to remove Ak Club fails.
07/27/2020 11:20 PM Did Felix just say his district is not a neighborhood???
07/27/2020 11:19 PM Still talking about Heather Meadows / Ak Club. Jamie defending Heather Meadows.
07/27/2020 11:14 PM Meg talking about holistic approaches and all or nothing stuff.
07/27/2020 11:11 PM Talking about Ak Club. Weddleton says it’s too small and will hurt Heather Meadows.
Pitting neighborhood against neighborhood. Stand together. We are strong together.
07/27/2020 11:10 PM Weddletons amendment to remove Golden Lion failed.
07/27/2020 11:09 PM Probably going to extend to August 11.
07/27/2020 11:00 PM As predicted, Weddleton introduced amendment to remove Golden Lion from the ordinance. This is calculated to stop the legal action.
07/27/2020 10:25 PM They will also be adding new Municipality employees to the Health and Human Services Dept to work with the homeless shelters / services. They admit they will be buying more buildings.
07/27/2020 10:16 PM The day engagement center at the Ak Club 630 W Tudor Rd is expected to be up and running quickly. Heads up, Heather Meadows. No words on where day center clients go come nightfall. I imagine they’ll go into woods by Heather Meadows.
07/27/2020 10:00 pm Assembly member Kennedy asked essentially whether our testimony had any effect. Were our alternate suggestions considered? Nope. Not really. We have informed the process going forward on the RFP. Oh and transportation. Oh yeah, and they’re going to improve communication and they hope we stay as engaged going forward.
07/27/2020 9:51 PM Neighbors, I expect this is going to run until midnight. I would truly like to have at least a small group outside the chambers to show the Assembly that we stand witness. We virtually have work tomorrow and another late night isn’t fun.

But please come stand with us as the Assembly departs. I’ll keep posting updates and try to give a heads up if it appears they’re breaking up sooner.

If you can, please come stand with us.
07/27/2020 9:42 PM Folks you truly need to be listening or watching this meeting. They are revealing themselves. As suspected, this is the tip of the spending iceberg.
07/27/2020 9:38 PM They are admitting that it will be over $22 million and that they’ll come back for more money.
07/27/2020 9:23 PM Yes, yes there are schools by these facilities. Denali PEAK and SAVE High School. So they will screen the pedophiles and exclude them from some facilities, not all, and push them out to these family neighborhoods. Way to protect the community. And no discussion of the predators that are attracted to vulnerable drug addicts / alcoholics that homeless.
07/27/2020 8:37 PM Assembly meeting has been extended to midnight. Hanging out in Loussac parking lot, listening to testimony on my phone. In it for the long haul tonight. It is a beautiful evening to stand in solidarity against these stinkpots. Come chill and listen with us in the parking lot at Loussac.
Let’s give these rascals a good send off when they exit the Assembly chambers in a few hours.
I’m in it for the duration. I know you are too.
Together we are mighty.
07/27/2020 8:06 PM The Assembly members are taking a 20 minute break. I’m going to return and watch the meeting on my phone.
07/27/2020 8:05 PM Discussing cost of building new on Mental Health Trust land vs buying and renovating existing property.


07/27/2020 7:51 PM Zing Jamie Allard! Hold their toes to the fire.


07/27/2020 7:39 PM Discussion of funding, MLP funds, medicare reimbursement, etc.


07/27/2020 7:06 pm Mayors spokesperson discussing the funding and legality of CARES act funds.


07/27/2020 6:55 pm still explaining logic of ordinance.


07/27/2020 6:25 PM

A great turnout. We greeted most of the Assembly with chants. We greeted the incomparable Jamie Allard with cheers of approval. What a mighty champion and voice of reason she has been.

Outside the chambers. Denied entry – Covid + Emergency Powers.

About a dozen of us listening to the Assembly Meeting on our phones and discussing better ways to solve these problems.

Currently the Mayor and his spokesperson are discussing their logic and reasoning.

Will post periodic updates through the evening.

Please listen yourself – go to


THEN – come back and greet the Assembly as they depart. We don’t know what time that will be. Watch and make your best guess on when you return to Loussac.

Don’t let them leave without facing us.


5:00 PM Monday 07/27/2020 Stand Witness

Please stand witness on Monday, 07/27/2020, beginning at 5:00 PM, to our Assembly and Administration, and Mayor Berkowitz making their decision on AO 2020-66.

We expect that the Assembly to comply with the Mayor’s will, not ours.
We expect that AO 2020-66 will be passed.
Mayor Berkowitz has ordered the chambers closed, the voters denied entry, for our own good against Covid.

Do not let them pass AO 2020-66 without our witness.

Bring your signs. Join us at 5:00 PM Monday 07/27/2020 at Loussac Library. Let us raise up our voices in protest as the Assembly arrives. Let us show our continued opposition to misuse of CARES Act to purchase these run down buildings for doomed treatment centers and unplanned shelters.

Let us remain as long as it takes, so after they pass AO 2020-66 they are forced to look us in the eyes, knowing they failed to serve us, or Anchorage.

We. Are. Mighty.